Hi there! I would try to keep this short and sweet, but I’m way too detail-oriented for all that.

Here’s your generic, not-so original “about me” and then I’ll get into the detailed stuff…

I’m born and raised a small town girl from upstate New York, and have basically never ventured out of there. I’m an artist and have made some connections where I’m from. I “own” a small business where I paint and sell my artwork, mostly coffee mugs, wine glasses, etc. Feel free to head over to my Facebook page here to check out some of my products (I do many mediums of art, including vinyls with my handy-dandy Cricut).

I am a mother (obviously, hence the “artistmomblog”) to a sweet, beautiful baby girl. She came out of a not-so wonderful domestic violence situation. She was the best thing to come out of it. I won’t go into detail about that because well, who really wants to hear all the miserable stuff about someone else’s life? Maybe in future blog posts I will go into detail, howeverrrr, I will put it out there that if you are a victim of DV or you have questions regarding my background in it, PLEASE feel free to contact me. I will tell you if you are a victim of DV and stuck in your situation: THERE IS HELP.

So anyways, it’s just me and my little babe plus our sweet dog. Just the three of us girls and I couldn’t be happier with my life (besides the fact that I work a not-so hot part time job).  It’s not easy, but I think there are tons of single mothers and fathers out there who can relate and that’s why I started this blog. I want to reach out to as many people as I can and help people understand they aren’t alone.

So besides being a momma, and an artist, I’m a daughter to awesome parents (and step parents!), and an Aunt to 10 crazy kiddos while also being fluent in American Sign Language (one of my niece’s is Deaf and AWESOME!) I’m a coffee fanatic and a friend of mine is a local coffee shop owner in the area I live. She roasts her own 100% organic arabica coffee beans and adds these fantastiiiiic flavor notes. So I get to drink the BEST coffee everrrr. You can find her Facebook page here.

Come back to this page periodically as I’m sure that I will add and edit information about myself and how life changes!